Breast Cancer in Brazil: Screening Program and Surgical Approach


  • João Henrique Fonseca Nascimento
  • Adriano Tito Souza Vieira
  • Benjamin Messias Souza Filho
  • Selton Cavalcante Tomaz
  • Ronald Enrique Delgado Bocanegra
  • Vitor Savio Melo Costa
  • Luis Fernando Pinto Johnson
  • Andre Gusmão-Cunha
  • Marinho Marques Silva Neto
  • Andre Bouzas Andrade



Breast Cancer, Screening, Surgery


Breast cancer is the most common female cancer, and Screening mammography is a current strategy that reduces mortality among women. In Brazil, more recent data show an increasing number of mammograms but unequal geographic access to the exam nationwide. Breast surgery is essential to the current oncological treatment and management of breast cancer. Conservative breast techniques have been established as an effective treatment option; however, mastectomies are still widely used in Brazil. The increase in breast cancer screening programs nationwide should increase the number of breast-conserving surgeries over total mastectomies. However, these expectations may be compromised in developing countries such as Brazil, where there are relevant discrepancies in the public health system.